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Title : Pier exhibition center
Author : A.S. Architecture Studio
Nationality : French
Year : 2010
Location : Daha, Quatar
Biography : Architecture-Studio defines architecture as "an art committed with society, the construction of the surroundings of mankind".
Type : Art, Cultural, Design, Exhibition, Floating, Museum, Public
Scale : S : Building
Size : -
Capacity : -

The Pier Exhibition Centre is a world-class public building. Situated in a very strategic location in the Marina District, on the crystal azure sea, the Pier Exhibition Centre offers outstanding views on Lusail and Doha coastlines and on the horizon where Qetayfan island landmark will appear as a key feature. The architecture we are proposing gets its inspiration from both the world of the sea and Lusail City distinctive feature: the spiral of Qetayfan Island. Building on water seems magical. The architectural design intends to enhance the extraordinary effect of a building on no ground. Thus, the Pier Exhibition Centre and its outdoor deck are designed as one continuous surface that curls over the sea, as a wave, as a transparent shell. The curling surface defines the three major spaces of the building in a very pleasant and dynamic spatial continuity, as an azure journey from the sea to the sky: the deck, the lobby and the Exhibition Hall “float” on the sea while the first floor Lounge and Restaurant “fly” in the sky. From the pier, the visitors enter to the Exhibition Centre through a wide deck that faces Lusail coastline and Qetayfan Island. It provides a sense of majestic entry to the building. Thanks to its northern orientation, the deck is shaded most of the time. It offers pleasant outdoor seating areas for every day life, and a magnificent place for celebrations and special events. The building’s transparent shell appears as if it floats on the sea, both inviting and mysterious. The interior is a magnificent spiralled space, directed towards Qetayfan Island and offering panoramic views on Lusail City and Doha coastline. The glittering sunlight on the sea gives the space its poetic vibration.

Descriptive of Author : A floating exhibition center