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Title : Martian ring
Author : Alexander Mamon
Nationality : Ukrainian
Year : 2013
Location : Space
Biography : Team members: Artem Tyutyunnik
Type : Special Mention, City, Energy, Environment, Green, House, Life in space, Nominee , Sustainabilty
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : Millions

Humanity has developed rapidly and sustainably. Cities expand absorbing everything in their path. The world population is increasing, currently exceeding 7 billion inhabitants. This growth has consequences: deforestation, habitat destruction, the need to always win over new territories. The Martian Ring meets these needs by offering to colonize new planets. The idea takes the form of a self sufficient ring incorporating a residential area and a green area which will have a function of the natural habitat and acts as a place for food production but also oxygen.

Descriptive of Author : The first human colony on Mars