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Title : Living grounds
Author : Alexandru Senciuc
Nationality : Romanian
Year : 2014
Location : Ocean
Biography : Team member : Agathe Raguit, Arnaud Thomas, Iris Yassur, Cristian Santabanez, Helmi Ghammam, Irène Pluchinotta, Razvan George Gorcea, Samia Ben Rajeb, Andrei Stan,Tudor Mafteianu
Type : Special Mention, City, Cultural, Design, Environment, Floating, Food, Green, Landscape, Public, Restaurant
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Variable
Capacity : Variable

Born from the awareness of the sea level rise related problems and new scientific discoveries in the fields of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology, Living grounds is a revolutionary carrier of promises. Thanks to a cooperative system between numeric data (DATA) and building living species able to create new soils and territories. DATA offers a summary of sea level rise variations, some detailed topographic statements of the planet and maritime fauna and flora inventory collected and analyzed by an artificial intelligence. It is able to timely pursue the processing of all those information and transmit them to the Bacteria-Coral which is the pilot component of the growth of artificial and livable grounds. Besides this application, Grounds wishes in order to engage government, researchers and communities to associate beyond frontiers and integrate their own preoccupations into a global context independent of ancient geopolitical stakes. It’s an opportunity to change our way of living together on a local scale and to reconcile man and its environment.

Descriptive of Author : Generating smart environments.