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Title : Arch in Space
Author : Kamel Loiqman Abdelatiel Ahmed
Nationality : Egyptian
Year : 2013
Location : Everywhere
Biography : Bachelor in Architectural Engineering El-Mansoura University)
Type : Environment, House, Moving Building, Public, Skyscraper
Scale : S : Building
Size : -
Capacity : -

Arch In Space is a concept of modular and portable buildings. Its goal is to develop another style of life. Thanks to its orbital structure, the building can create a network with other similar structures and recreate a true orbital ecosystem. Arch In Space is a conceptual idea for building that could be mechanically transferred and reassembled from Earth to space. benefits: - Recreational, tourist but also scientific interest, - Security of data within a large organization. - Flexibility, the building can be installed in any area of more than 50 m2 - Connectivity: all those buildings can connect directly to a network of identical matrices. - Reduced costs: cut the demolition price and allow demolition material recycling.

Descriptive of Author : The first connectable building