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Title : Origami suitcase
Author : Edbert Cheng
Nationality : American
Year : 2014
Location : Space
Biography : Team member : Henry Chuang
Type : Coup de Coeur, Energy, Infrastructure, Life in space, Movable, Moving Building, Orbital
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

Solo traveler ships unfold to become a building block for an urban grid in space. To address human habitation in space, Origami suitcase proposes a flexible system that can scale individual space habitats to an urban dimension. Considering the needs for the space travelers, who live in their spaceships - or “space suitcases” – Origami suitcase connects the solo traveler to other solo explorers via the operation of folding and unfolding its own system. Without gravity and orientation, habitats in space can leverage the use of three dimensions space and better address the need for housing of free floating humans. Collapsible spaces and folding geometries perform spatial acrobats that connect the space-faring individual to the space-faring community.

Descriptive of Author : Origami suitcase