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Title : Mother of pearl
Author : Paulus Timothy
Nationality :
Year : 2014
Location : Ocean
Biography : Team Member : Denny Husin
Type : Design, Environment, Floating, Futuristic, Infrastructure, Movable, Moving Building
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

The extreme valuable pearl commodity encourages human to create an intervention by creating artificial oyster’s habitation. Pearl farming is established to produce natural pearls and cultured pearls with luster and iridescence within 2-3 years in a massive way. The new concepts of pearls farming creates an innovative type by reconstructing the conventional one which generally consists of couple farms compiled together with a centre in the middle, having static configuration and monofunction. The idea is to contrast traditional configuration while retaining the fundamental criteria of having a central as the control engine for managing farm. The new configuration discovers new possibilities by giving freedom for finding a more condusive condition where coral reefs live ; corals are responsible for giving substrates for reproduction and providing sources of nutrients, thus giving mobility to the subdivisions to find the best place for oyster to live can support more productive environment. The mobility system is controlled by the centre, allowing centripetal and centrifugal directions while having a radius limit, manouvering attachment and detachment. By accomodating suitable habitat for oysters to grow, this mobile farm also offers home to many fish and other organisms. Distinct from the typical one, this farm marries cultivication with research dan development laboratories, edu-tainment and human habitation in a single integrated environment. In collaboration with nature, this mother of pearl farm brings ecological concern to human by revealing new understanding by implementing solar energy, hydroponic food, and sea water distillation in a closed loop system to ensure self-sufficient building becoming sustainable environment, rejecting exploitation and superficial commercialization of the world of pearls.

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