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Title : Albatross
Author : Devon Moar
Nationality : American
Year : 2014
Location : Atmosphere – connection between Earth & Space
Biography : A young architect and graduate of The Cooper Union.
Type : Educational, Futuristic, Infrastructure, Interstellar , Life in space, Moving Building, Orbital, Technology
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Various
Capacity : Variable

The atmosphere, a location that has escaped the hold of archetypal architecture, offers a new world of possibilities that involves the transition from the traditional method and systems of constructing earthbound structures to the elimination of the embedded foundations and the suspension of buoyant structures aloft. Breaking free from the surface would allow ‘messages’ to maneuver across the Earth and Cosmos, permitting discovery, development, and dissemination, an interstellar messenger.

Descriptive of Author : Architecture can fly