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Title : FOCI
Author : Emily Baxter
Nationality :
Year : 2014
Location : Space
Biography : Team member : Rebecca Taylor
Type : Design, Energy, Infrastructure, Interstellar , Life in space, Moon, Movable, Moving Building, Nominee , Orbital, Technology
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

FOCI is a stepping stone and mediator to the future of the human's adaptation to space. Like a camera, with its lens, aperture, cinema and theatre, the conception of this outer atmospheric architecture proposal presents a leisure space, focused on the marvels of the cosmos. In this context, man becomes aware of his place juxtaposed to the earth, placing him in a realm fundamentally different from the earthbound condition. Therefore, the structure for inhabitation requires an altered, idealized state, acting as a mediator for human beings who are transitioning from a familiar environment to a foreign, zero-gravity condition. This in turn requires a return to innate human nature, as Man must basically begin “de novo” in the most primitive sense.

Descriptive of Author : A THEATER FOR VIEWING SPACE