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Title : Rescue bathcapsule
Author : Laura Lang
Nationality :
Year : 2014
Location : Sea
Biography : Team members: Benjamin Loinger - Michal Holcer
Type : Cultural, Design, Environment, Food, Infrastructure, Landscape, Nominee , Public, Sea Level Rise
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

The Rescue Bathcapsule is an emergency facility developed for the american market. It is a Bathroom that can be detached from the house and serves as a hygienic shelter in case of emergency. In flood catastrophes the RBC uses the rising water level to push the capsule out of the house. It can provide food, water and energy for at least 10 days. Why the bathroom? By serving relaxation, hygiene and fresh water and also being a well-known place it is the best choice in your house to solve this task.

Descriptive of Author : house-integrated rescue shelter for flood catastrophes