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Title : Through the wave
Author : Julieta Maiorano
Nationality : Argentinean
Year : 2014
Location : Floodplain
Biography : Team members : Camille Breuil
Type : Environment, Floating, Infrastructure, Public, Sea Level Rise
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity : 2

Considering the many climate disasters during these last decades, the action against global warming rises. But what is the situation today of the inadequate constuctions on floodplains, and the survival of their population ? Furnishing a cell for shelter against disasters, capable of protecting the population during the cataclysm and sheltering them during 3-4 days until help arrives could be an immediate first response. This cell allows rescue teams to organize an efficient and reflected recovery of the population. Through a radio communication device, they can inform themselves on the state of the people inside the capsules and their exact location. This can allow the rescue of inhabitants in grave danger first. These cells can rule out the danger of proliferation of serious diseases which generally develop following those events by furnishing them with the necessary comfort during the cell's lifespan. Each cell can be positioned in the houses' backyards, or in parks and on the coast. Furthermore, the presence of these cells in the everyday life environment can raise the awareness of the population on this problem, remembering their presence on a sensitive zone and the everyday deterioration of their own ecosystem.

Descriptive of Author : A survival cell for inadequate floodplains