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Title : Stream city
Author : Semen Rastorguev
Nationality : Russian
Year : 2013
Location : Around the Eath
Biography : the founder and editor in chief of the leading Russian online website about the conceptual architecture and architecture of the future "Chaos Research Center"
Type : City, Energy, House, Life in space, Public, Technology
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : 12 742 km
Capacity : -

Near future, near space. Stream City is a temporal metaphor. It surrounds the Earth like a ring, remains in place, stationary, rotates with the Earth on her Axis. The city lies at an altitude of about 100 km and runs at a speed of just over 1700 km / h above the equator. Thus, Stream City, the rotation of the earth is compensated. The day side are placed energy systems, solar panels and greenhouses that supply the city. The night side provide space for laboratories, high-tech industries and the creative campus. The city is a universal means of transport. With the help of elevators and shuttles from the surface of the Earth can be up and reach the city to stay the desired time, by selecting the time frame in which you want to spend some time.

Descriptive of Author : A lift to the stars