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Title : Neck of the moon
Author : El Hadi Jazairy
Nationality : American
Year : 2015
Location : Space
Biography : Team members : Rania Ghosn, Jia Weng, Mingchuan Yang, Shuya Xu, Hsin-Han Lee, Sihao Xiong
Type : Space Laureat, Nominee
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Not specified
Capacity : Variable

Space debris, the collection of defunct technological objects of the space and information age, poses a risk to the continued reliable use of the Earth’s geostationary orbit. Neck of the Moon cleans up the orbital environment by compacting space debris into planet Laika, the Earth’s new second moon. An umbilical space-elevator ties Laika to the belly of the Cotopaxi volcano, which means “Neck of the Moon” in a native Indian language. The project connects as such the geologic, geographic, and cosmographic dimensions of the Earth to propose a powerful yet peaceful force of sensitivity by which our cyborg species inhabits technological space. Design Earth is a collaborative practice led by El Hadi Jazairy and Rania Ghosn. The office’s work engages the geographic to open up a range of aesthetic and political concerns for architecture and urbanism. Literally, ‘earth-writing’ from the Greek geo (earth) and graphia (writing), the practice of making geographies involves the coupled undertakings of “writing about,” projecting or representing the earth and also “writing on,” marking, forming or presenting again a world.

Descriptive of Author : A New World of Space Junks