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Title : Frontier orbital collider
Author : Alistair Williams
Nationality : British
Year : 2015
Location : Space
Biography : Team member: Vitaly Ozerov
Type : Special Mention, Energy, Mars, Nominee , Scientific Research, Technology
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : 100km ring
Capacity : non specified

This project aims to collide the worlds of the small, quantum physics, with the large, astrophysics. 2035: two projects: the 1st manned space mission on Mars and the start of construction of the Very Large Hadron Collider (VLHC). This project – VLHC - aims to contribute to the ambitious space conquest. Thus, astronauts are going to be sent to Phobos at first, the largest and closest moon of Mars, before landing on the Martian surface. Frontier Orbital Collider suggests starting the VLHC’s construction over there. This way, the building process will benefit from Phobos’ natural atmospheric conditions that scientists need to artificially replicate when building a hadron collider on Earth. The vast 100km ring will then act as a super structure that can be “plugged-in” with other habitable modules and scientific laboratories. A new cosmic outpost, the VLHC will then represent a new frontier for science and mankind.

Descriptive of Author : Taking Quantum Research to New Frontiers