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Title : Mobilium station - Creepmaster
Author : Ayuna Mitupova
Nationality : Russian
Year : 2015
Location : Arctic Sea
Biography :
Type : Moving Building
Scale : XXS : Object
Size :
Capacity :

Responding to extreme condition of Arctic environment (the moving waters of permafrost) the kinematic scientific station adapts, survives and pursue the goal of scientists, discovering the great wonder of magnetic field and polar shifts. Locomotion of station is based on biomimetical principles of hydrostat animals abstracted through soft robotics domain. The main challenge was to shift further from moving object toward the moving habitat and bringing the amphybiotic architecture into life. Important component of the project, is self sufficiency and autonomy of the organization - Ability to operate in extreme conditions, combining the structural stability and spatial flexibility. Facing the complex engineering problem of structural grid of multiple deformable bearing elements within the simplistic kinematic mechanism. Movement per se became a driving force. Leveraging the existing conditions, station discovers water potential and gets energy from osmosis (pressure difference), wave energy ( hydrokinetic energy) and perestaltic energy.

Descriptive of Author : For Research on magnetic North Pole in Arctic Sea