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Title : Kogami
Author : David Benjamin Devereau
Nationality : Great Britain
Year : 2013
Location : Coasts
Biography : An architect who comes from the computer games industry
Type : Cultural, Energy, Environment, Landscape, Nominee , Technology
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Variable
Capacity : -

This project is an exploration of the electrolysis techniques and oxidation potential. During this process a small proportion of the salt suspended in water is incorporated on the conductive skeleton thanks to a low electric charge resulting from a carbonaceous concression calcium chlorate and manganese, natural components of the steel. This is a proposal for the construction of a robust coral reef to enhance local communities and reduce the power of the waves. Using forms inspired by nature, a robust ecology and vernacular architecture, this new definition of coastal structures is to be locally designed, assembled and maintained.

Descriptive of Author : Tsunami Alert Community