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Title : A fleur d'eau
Author : Celine Fegar
Nationality : French
Year : 2015
Location : Ile de Ré, France
Biography : Team Members : Marion Briere, Emmanuel Changeon
Type : Sea Level Rise
Scale : XL : Urban
Size :
Capacity :

The “A Fleur d’Eau” project’s objective is to learn to inhabit flooded areas by creating a new quarter in the place of the saltmarshes of the Ré Island in Ars-en-Ré a town that connects the North to the South. The quarter will consist of two zones: one where the ponds are fed through a channel and accessible on boats and the other where they stay completely underwater. The quarter will be protected by a new dam inspired by the Vauban fortress and the shape of the Island seen from above. Living areas will be placed on the dams and in case of the flooding the houses will flow on platforms.

Descriptive of Author : Living at sea’s pace