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SEA LEVEL RISE Sea level rise
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Title : GOA
Author : Gaël Marec
Nationality : French
Year : 2015
Location : Vendée, France
Biography : Team Member : Jean-Luc Cortella
Type : Sea Level Rise
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity :

As the sea level rises, we continue building walls as they did in the Middle Age. We can rely on these walls on a short term, but in a long term we need other solutions: do without submersible soils while maintaining the activities linked to them. The GOA project consists of two “slicks”: one is flowing along with the tide, and the other is aerial and fixed at 21 meters above the highest sea level. The flowing slick is designed for maritime activities (shellfish and marine farms, ports, access to the land). It follows the tides’ movements with its height controlled to escape strong waves. This urban form was imagined by Yona Friedman in 1958 to build a city in space capable of facing the densification by thickening the urban constructions on an aerial stratum of the city.

Descriptive of Author : Infiltrate the Sea