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SEA LEVEL RISE Sea level rise
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Title : The spinning
Author : Han Han
Nationality :
Year : 2015
Location :
Biography :
Type : Sea Level Rise
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity :

Design inspiration originates from the magnetic suspension gyroscope, monomer construction points for two layers of inner and outer, outer moment are in the wind rotation changes, thus in the external produced a vortex force, when the water rises, building the external power will water vortex, form a potential well, from the guarantee of the surrounding water and architecture of isolation. Second, rising water will bring about an increasing tidal energy. The building's base is equivalent to the base of the magnetic suspension gyroscope. It can convert tidal energy into electrical energy, and then converted into magnetic repulsion. Once again, the gyroscope can be achieved through wind turbines and solar panels to achieve electricity self-sufficiency, the energy required to rotate the outer body in addition to the magnetic field at the bottom of the magnetic field, but also by the wind turbine between each layer added. In addition to wind energy, the top of the building and the public platform is also equipped with a large solar panels, can make full use of solar energy. The whole building is a huge generator, in addition to the self power supply, but also for the surrounding auxiliary power supply. Compared with the rotating outer layer, the inner layer is stationary. This perfect combination of being static and dynamic reflects the Chinese Taoist ideas "Advance with the times, and change as things changes and Single-mindedness. In the group, this is a self sustainable development of marine habitats, which can provide a long-term life for human, animal and plant location. The concept is by a centrosome and several affiliated monomer through the corridor connected, centrosome mainly provides a human living space, affiliated monomer, as residents of the community social activity place, the were set up schools, hospitals, parks, shopping malls, restaurants and other public facilities; top through the erection of solar panels for the normal life of the community to provide energy support, while the installation of rainwater collection system, provide water resources for platform of plants and human activities. Building materials, using the "biorock" technology, through to the lower current to the metal armature to attract minerals, which can be converted into a lightweight shell structure, can be achieved in a short time to complete the full growth of the outer structure. This can be achieved quickly add material when the rotary body is damaged or need to increase the affiliated monomer. In order to solve the lighting issues, all glass structures are built in an imitation of the eyes of long-nosed chimaeras, which helps to reflects light into the darkest corners for a maximum natural lighting.

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