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Title : Thalassa
Author : Paul Maymont
Nationality : French
Year : 1963
Location : Monaco
Biography : A french architect with prospective ideas.
Type : City, Floating, Infrastructure, Public, Utopia
Scale : XL : Urban
Size : n/a
Capacity : n/a

French architect with particularly innovative and prospective ideas, Paul Maymont imagines in 1959 the "Floating City" for the Tokyo Bay. A solution that will allow the creation of a ten million inhabitants city as floating islands of three to five hundreds meters diameter linked to each others by suspended bridges, roads and railways. Back in France, Paul Maymont continues his research and adapts his work for the extension of Monaco in 1963. This new project entitled "Thalassa" is shaped as a circular shell. Dwellings and living spaces are organized in terraces around the empty bottom that becomes a water pond with a harbor, beaches, pools and gardens. The Island would be supported by floating decks in prestressed concrete. The floating rings fixed in the bottom by pre-tensioned metallic cables constitute 5 levels of parkings, 10.800 m² of storage, cellar and collective services. 27 radiating mats inclined and hollow containing the elevators fluids are supporting the superiors rings. The first one, at 8 meters above the sea level is interrupted to allow the entrance of boats and hosts stores, warehouses, housings, suspended gardens, restau-rants, bars, etc. The second ring consist of seven levels divided into tiers, contains apartments, gardens, terraces, offices, hotels, shops, cultural facilities, games, entertainment. One could imagine that such islands could bring recreation facilities to this new civilization.

Descriptive of Author : Floating City