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Title : Mu.Se
Author : Matteo Miceli
Nationality : Italian
Year : 2016
Location : Moon
Biography :
Type : Futuristic, Interstellar , Life in space, Moon
Scale : XXS : Object
Size : -
Capacity : -

Dear Terrestrial, Knowing your interest and altruism shown in other circumstances towards to the world of collectivity, we cannot doubt that the call that we are aiming you with this letter will move your attention. This is the claim that we want to point at showing some elements, obviously some still under construction but surely concrete, about our project Mu.Se [Musée Sensationnel (de la Planète Terre)], to which eminent activist and generous benefactor are working on from a while. This is the project that, generally speaking, we want to show you. Setting in an emblematic place, about which we will talk later, this Museum candidate itself to make own all the innovative experiences and technologies in the contemporary era. Definitely thrown to the future this huge complex want to be a place of grown under every aspect: experience, morality and thought. Although we do not forgot the elements of the past on which it will build up the new century. Birth under the sign of the experience, in the Mu Se will be possible to visit also EXPERIMENTAL LAB, TERRESTRIAL OBSERVATORY, PALEANTOLOGICAL SITE, VOLUNTARILY LOST-AND-FOUND, THE GYMNASIUM and THE GALLERY. Far from consider the discovery like an oblige way, the observation as a passive act and the memory like a scholar attitude, the Mu.Se will catch the visitors in the only natural satellite of the Earth in which sensation, experience, enthusiasm will domain, in the same way of fear and sublime. The infinite bureaucratic obstacles and the financial investments, not less important, that the subversive committee of Mu.Se will deal with, must not create any kind of doubt about that it will be one of the more important experiential and intellectual adventure, and also one of the cultural profit destination of the XXI century. This is the reason why we are talking to you with this document. Best regards. THE SUBVERSIVE COMMITTEE (of space liberation)

Descriptive of Author : Reclaim the Earth, the Moon and the Wealth.