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Title : Moonflower base 2090
Author :
Nationality :
Year : 2016
Location : Moon
Biography :
Type : atmosphere, Futuristic, Infrastructure, Interstellar , Moon
Scale : S : Building
Size :
Capacity : 384

2090 - time when Earth’s and Lunar space elevators are already built; Space living station with factory complexes on the Earth’s orbit serving as a spaceport; mining expeditions to asteroids; … , the Moon colonization enters the stage when it is possible to leave the simple and confined modules of the Pioneer bases. Moonflower Base was built for the purpose of development of self-contained life support systems. Its main activity is testing and innovation of various ways to produce food in isolated systems, artificial atmosphere and low gravity to verify the possibility of ensuring a healthy and balanced diet in closed systems of perfect recycling, for multigenerational colonizing flights to distant solar systems. Moonflower Base is for the psychological reasons designed with a special intention to the internal “landscape”. This microcosm and its architectural elements provide pieces of the terrestrial scenery in a symbolic way. They represent archetypes as a small village around a tribal tree, the valley surrounded by mountain terrace fields, the meadow encircled by a river or the cave. Moonflower Base capacity is 384 people. Overground part of the station consists of a simple dome, its supporting part creates 3D printed ribs from metal composites and insulating layer is made from lunar regolith. Moonflower Base has three independently functioning zones with own life support systems. First is the central dome area around water reservoir with public functions and mobile residential cells, which can move through the airlocks to the outer space. Along its perimeter are ring shaped floors forming the second zone with growing and breeding sections and all other rooms ensuring the operation of the station. The third stand-alone section is underground - residential area in a rotating "hoop" simulating a terrestrial gravity.

Descriptive of Author : Experimental Agricultural Base with the Hotel for Scientific Tourism