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Title : Infinity
Author : Thomas GOESSLER
Nationality : Austrian
Year : 2018
Location : Mars
Biography :
Type : Special Mention, Design, Energy, Futuristic, House, Mars, Technology, Utopia
Scale : S : Building
Size : 900
Capacity : 5

Dozens of spacecrafts have been sent to Mars, but only about one of every three missions has been a success. This sobering statistic underscores just how difficult it remains to send a craft to Mars and see it arrive in proper working order to transmit data back to Earth. But it is only a matter of time until humans are sent to Mars. This project is an expedition base on Mars, that offers humans everything they need. The design presents a self-sustaining system which not only provides humans with what is necessary to survive but also fulfils their social and psychological needs. Additionally, laboratories and infrastructure necessary to explore a new world is provided.

Descriptive of Author : Mars is there, waiting to be reached