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Title : The great wall of lagoon
Author : Chang Chun LIN
Nationality : Taiwanese
Year : 2018
Location : 23.481944,120.058889
Biography : Architecture students Team : Chang Chun LIN & Sheng Han CHEN
Type : Sea Level Rise Laureat, Energy, Environment, Sustainabilty, Technology
Scale : L : Landscape
Size : 80000
Capacity : 500

The great wall of China used to keep northern tribes from invading the dynasty, it stood hundreds of years keeping its mission, unlike China, nowadays we are not threaten by the nomads from the north, but the sea level which is rising just like them, eroding our land. Take our hometown Dong-shih, Chiayi, in Taiwan for example, the sand bank outside the west shore made it become a 2 kilometers wide and 8 kilometers long lagoon. Then the calm-sea area becomes a nature fishery and oyster farm. However, the sea level has been rising, and therefore the interaction between waves and wind made the sea bank shrink, the erosion makes the sand bank shrink by 15 every year. We wish to build a series of devices linked together, not only to protect the sea bank by consolidating the sand, but aIso to intercept it. The device consists of four parts; the sand bank stabilizing part, the life area, and the mechanical part. The sand bank stabilizing part consists of a series of nets, fixed at the bottom of the sand bank. These parts become a system not only to stabilize the sand, but aIso to pile up the sand to make the bank goes higher. So for the lagoon itself, keeping the sand bank stay is so important because it can prevent the shore from big waves and wind, aIso make sure the lagoon is an essential and suitable place for fishery.

Descriptive of Author : Keep the coastline, Rebuild the community