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Title : Inhabiting the Roof Archipelago
Author : Sigrn Perla Gsladttir & Ditte Horsbl Srensen
Nationality : Icelander
Year : 2019
Location : Vejle, Denmark
Biography : Born on an island surrounded by sea. Choosing studies oceanography was highly considered, but by studying architecture Perla follows her belief of ideas and thoughts, of thinkers and bold minds connecting science and everything- and -one, to create a future. Perla wishes to think solutions by and on, first and foremost for the sea, with people as key player. Among her work are saunas built by and on water, inviting for a naked dip, together with yourself, each other and the surrounding. Ditte Horsbl Srensen is from Denmark
Type : Nominee
Scale : M : Groups of buildings
Size : 1000
Capacity : 50

Inhabiting the Roof Archipelago is staged in a flooded future of the site Ny Rosborg, Vejle, Denmark. The project speculates on roof surfaces as the only land left, introduces families as communities of individuals, sees the material world as a closed cycle. The project takes the current program of the site as Recycling Terminal as its offspring for everything, reprocessing its information in every decision made.

Descriptive of Author : Connecting disconnected individuals in a flooded future - Speculations on a post-material world