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Title : Makoko's Change
Author : Max Groos
Nationality : German
Year : 2019
Location : Makoko, Lagos
Biography : I am an architecture student from the Technical University in Munich currently studying in Shanghai for one year. I am a Bachelorstudent in my third year now.
Type : Nominee
Scale : XL : Urban
Size : 500000
Capacity : 200000

Although Makokos future receives more and more attention from international organisations, the communitys living condition remains a complicated issue, a situation which can be improved significantly. The poverty will be aggravated by the rising sea level and the community of Makoko will probably be excluded from the attempt of Lagos to save the city from flooding and present and future problems caused by the climate change. Makoko needs to change itself to address its present and future issues. The project is as much as possible focusing on a realistic proposal. The project also tries to address the problems from a futures perspective by adopting some technologies. To address Makokos long-term change, we design one of the public modules that we hope would serve as a school to teach local communities how to build and personalise new living modules which could be introduced in new areas and become the new urban tissue of the lagoon. The conception would require an initial investment which can be used for pump, filtration system, solar panels and construction materials. The school will be located in the northwestern part of Makoko, where the first Main Street lies across the land part of Makoko and the wood processing industrial zone is situated. This would reduce the transportation and material cost.

Descriptive of Author : A present solution for a future problem.