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Title : Adapting for water extremes
Author : Akuzike Kawerama
Nationality : Namibian
Year : 2019
Location : Cape
Biography : As I was born in Malawi and grew up mostly in Namibia, as well as living two years in South Africa, I consider myself to be a child of Southern Africa. My lived experiences and travels have given me an open mind towards the built environment and its relationship with different ways of life. We all have something to teach one another and thus I stay curious and I stay positive. There is always hope.
Type : Nominee
Scale : S : Building
Size : 3050
Capacity : 200

Using existing technology and theory, this project seeks to explore how the adaptive reuse of an old industrial silo building in Salt River, Cape Town, can engage with the problems of too much and too little water in the urban fabric. The proposal is one that interrogates how existing architecture can be used as a machine, a machine that creates potable water in times when water is lacking, and a machine that can provide relief and a dry (therefore safe) temporary space when there is too much water in the urban fabric.

Descriptive of Author : Towards a responsive architecture for Cape Town