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Title : Makoko Mangrove Village
Author : Amirul Hakeem Ma'az
Nationality : Malaysian
Year : 2019
Location : Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria
Biography : I am from University Technology MARA in Selangor, Malaysia and currently a final year Master of Architecture programme student. I have an interest in design for humanity, interrelating to the local genius loci and context. On the other hand, I also take into account the modernism injection to have a sense of adaptivity. Design is for me is a relationship between human belonging to the place and ticking the boxes of human needs.
Type : Nominee
Scale : XL : Urban
Size : 6103
Capacity : 1500

Makoko Mangrove Village is an adapative village in response to the future sea level rise at Lagos, Nigeria. The design is proposed for the Makoko slum near Lagos lagoon. To neutralize sea level rise problem, the design is intended to use mangrove as a nuclei to the houses with preserving the slum image. Every unit of the houses will be incorporated with a mangrove tree. Mangrove tree will be a source of protection and be a center of an economic injection where it could float the houses, create new soil level for the houses and provide an area where sea ecosystem breed at the tree root. Makoko villagers could gain a new life living in a resilient urban village and enhancing the fishing industry with mangrove.

Descriptive of Author : A cultural and natural adaptive village towards future catastrophe