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Title : The reef-46
Author : Andréa Goudal
Nationality : French
Year : 2013
Location : Ocean
Biography : Team members; Brice Viricel
Type : City, Energy, Environment, Floating, Green, Sustainabilty
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Variable
Capacity : Variable

The design of The Reef-46 is based on the principle of biomimicry, which is to be inspired by nature, both in the forms of the building and its operation. The structure is spread over several submerged and emergent levels. But only one sixth of its volume is visible on the surface, in order to minimize its visual impact. The horizontal spread of each submerged level can create fields of coral promoting their full development. Homes and hearts neighborhood (shops, leisure ..) are mainly located in the parts underwater. True air bubbles, they ensure the stability of the structure. In order to preserve the marine environment and natural resources, The Reef-46 was designed to be completely autonomous. Different energies required for its operation are produced by photovoltaic panels present on the visible part. Similarly, in the submerged part of the ocean current turbines convert into electricity. To produce food resources, the building has horizontal surface cultures, and vertical in the center column. The source of drinking water by desalination of sea water by a process of distillation generated by solar energy.

Descriptive of Author : Study and help the corals development