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Title : Sea Line Park
Author : Chengxue Zhuo
Nationality : Chinese
Year : 2019
Location : Melbourne VIC, Australia
Biography : George Zhuo has over ten years professional experience from large-scale landscape planning, infrastructure, greenfield, resort, public realm, golf and urban design projects all the way down to micro-scale rooftop green and small courtyards & gardens. He is skilled at the generation of conceptual design and won numerous design competitions and awards internationally. He participates in whole range of the projects from design and documentation to project management and delivery.
Type : Chinese Special Award, Nominee
Scale : L : Landscape
Size : 1 120 000
Capacity : 100 000

Sea Line Park is a new type of urban complex with green infrastructure and public space. It is created with abundant social opportunities and self-supplied green energy which are the essentials of building healthy communities in a clean environment. This park will grow, adapt and innovate with the help of cutting-edge technologies, to be resilient and resistant to natural disasters and climate change. A self-sustained living hub is suitable for any coastal cities around the world, which can carry the critical resources and civilizations to create a mobile global village. Human beings are not just survived but revolved and expanded from living on land to living in the sea.

Descriptive of Author : A linear park, an east-west connection, an ark , a floating seed bank