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Title : Premices
Author : Yahia Barkaoui
Nationality : Tunisian
Year : 2019
Location : Space
Biography : Je suis un jeune architecte diplm de l'Ecole Nationale d'Architecture et urbanisme, je cherche exercer mon mtier non seulement dans la sphre nationale mais aussi dans le monde. Pour moi, larchitecture est plus quun travail quelque chose de sacr.
Type : Nominee
Scale : M : Groups of buildings
Size : 350
Capacity : 25

PREMICES is a proposed project for the future of a threatened humanity. It is a bud that prepares for another life in space and on the moon, a "Hub" that will both improve the quality of life and be a foundation for developing different research between the earth and the moon. For this reason, we thought of an extension of the International Space Station (ISS) which consists of organic forms reminiscent of terrestrial topography. With reference to the principle of biomimicry, cells are developed using the 3d construction technique, as when the Asian hornet builds its nest. Robust and lightweight envelopes at the same time with a cellulose fibre pulp that solidifies when it comes into contact with the outside space. It is a means of creating new architectural forms and new modes of construction, while removing all kinds of constraints and support. Prmices is the small beginning for great challenges.

Descriptive of Author : Big things have small beginnings.