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Title : International Moon base - Phases 1-5
Author : Ors Akos Sofalvi
Nationality : Hungarian
Year : 2019
Location : Moon of the Earth
Biography : Akos graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Budapest in 2013. Prior to joining DAW Studio, he worked in London and Rotterdam. He was responsible for the design, management and delivery of various projects. His portfolio includes large-scale mixed use developments, new build hospitality projects, innovative award winning building solutions, refurbishment and masterplanning. He is committed to sustainable design solutions and alternative technologies to reduce emissions.
Type : Nominee
Scale : M : Groups of buildings
Size : 108 630
Capacity : 96

Based on the latest studies and concepts the need seems unquestionable for the Moon base. We believe our slogan speaks for itself, our intention was not to create the scenery for another sci-fi movie, but to picture a possible outcome of setting up a colony on the Moon to serve as an international base for utilizing the resources of this celestial body orbiting around our planet and also serve as the first check-point for space travels. We have used a phasing that is considered as common sense based on our current knowledge and we have added future phases that are not realistic in the close future but on mid-term our research have validated these. Our strategy went into the details of each phase for the whole system, however for the benefit of the competition we can only expand on a conceptual level. The phase where the base can function independently is phase 4 and the system components will be the following. The whole settlement will be based on an optical fibre solar concentrator system, this will feed the oxygen production centre and aquaponics with sunlight and provide energy to the solar panel battery field. The oxygen production will be managed with the plankton and algae pavilion to provide breathable air to the aquaponics and the homes of settlers. A water reservoir will provide the settlement which will be filled with the mined frozen ice on the moon. Water supply will be essential for the aquaponics, the gardens, homes and oxygen production. Waste water will be treated to re-circulate the water to the reservoir, the biowaste will feed the composting unit with flies and provide biogas connected to the lunar gas station. The base will of course include the other necessary functions to operate in a good environment including laboratories, medical centre, social spaces, workshops and the arrival station with cleaning unit and airlock. At the final stage we expect major breakthrough in research regarding fusion reactors using He3, solar plants and mining.

Descriptive of Author : Both feet on the ground - of the Moon -