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Title : NIMBUS
Author : Kenton SIN
Nationality : New Zealander
Year : 2020
Location : Coastal cities of sub-Saharan Africa
Biography : Kenton Sin graduated in Masters of Architecture from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. As an awardee of multiple international design awards, Kenton has engaged in designing and participating in projects of a variety of typologies and scales. With his professional experiences ranging from invited international competitions to detail designs documents in China. Having worked for renowned, he offers a high level of design excellence through the integration technologicalliteracy.
Type : Coup de Coeur, Sea Level Rise, Sustainabilty
Scale : S : Building
Size :
Capacity :

The Nimbus intends to recreate the principle of large-scale membrane distillation in and attempt to resolve the water crisis present in the coastal cities of sub-Saharan Africa.

Descriptive of Author : A circle of light: A halo. A cloud of gray rain.