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Title : Sequestration Station
Author : Dane Zain
Nationality : Malaysian
Year : 2020
Location :
Biography : Graduate of architecture, Dane Zain has worked officially in RMIT. ln addition to working in multiple architecture firms based in Melbourne. He is currently working with various artists to learn more about world independent from the confines of architecture.
Type : Nominee , sea
Scale : L : Landscape
Size :
Capacity :

A new phycology research center and underwater village emerges in an urgent bid to save the endangered kelp forests. The megastructure acts as a "lung" of the ocean to boost carbon sequestration and rehabilitate the health of its marine ecosystem. Hydrodynamic, shape-shifting formai qualities of seaweed informs its biomimicry design, while mechanization of the upwelling oceanographic phenomena restores circulation of cool, nutrient-rich waters. Here, Meriens adopt a nomadic way of life by comfortably taking their submarine homes everywhere they go - reinventing what it means to work from home.

Descriptive of Author : As global carbon emissions continue to soar at an all time high, we unlock the potential of aquatic kelp forests to revert climate change.