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Title : Space Coronavirus
Author : Abolfazl MALAIJERDI
Nationality : Iranian
Year : 2020
Location :
Biography : Architect
Type : Nominee , Space
Scale : L : Landscape
Size :
Capacity :

We want to use billions of meteorites wandering in the sky mostly made of stone and metal and draw them towards a giant focal point by a magnetic field just like Coronavirus which attaches firmly to the lungs with its spikes and multiplies in masses. To this aim, we have designed a spacecraft which could be launched by ordinary rockets and missiles into space and the Earth's orbit and the radius of its orbit around the Sun and offers possibility for humans to live in the spacecraft during the process in which the magnetic field acts upon the focal point.

Descriptive of Author : Space Coronavirus How can we help the Earth and what should we do if we are supposed to live in space?