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Title : Human Reef
Author : Guillaume Nicollet
Nationality : French
Year : 2021
Location :
Biography : With Monika NICOLLET STOKIC Co-founder of the agency Monochrome in 2016, he designs virtual reality experiences for brands and museum institutions. A multidisciplinary artist, he creates universes mixing 2D and 3D where the codes of architecture and those of level design merge, fascinated by the possibilities of real/virtual dialogue. He is also involved in the production of video games and sound design.
Type : Sea Laureat, sea
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity :

"Human Reef" is an underwater village designed to manage the protection and rehabilitation of coral reefs, while ensuring mankind prosperity in an underwater environment. Human beings work there in synergy with coral and local underwater species. Thanks to biomimicry, the village operates in perfect self-sufficiency coupling artificial intelligence and natural biological processes.

Descriptive of Author : Underwater aquaculture village adopting the natural rules of coral reefs thanks to biomimicry