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Author : Mohamed Emad
Nationality : Egyptian
Year : 2021
Location :
Biography : Mohamed Emad is an Egyptian Architect with B.SC. In Architecture from Alexandria University. He is an AIA International Associate, LEED Green Associate, EES Associate, SCE Associate, and Autodesk Certified Professional. Currently working as Stations’ Lead Architect – Design Manager of Dubai Metro Route 2020 (Acciona-Gülermak JV). Experienced in the fields of Architecture and Construction in a multinational environment, with various kinds of (Design & Build) Megaprojects in the MENA Region.
Type : Nominee , Space
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity :

A Space Hub that harbors the human expeditions into deep space was always perceived as unreal. The intriguing concept though was enough to trigger a spaceport design. SIPHUNCLE is an orbital spaceport designed to be a transition point that provides all necessities for space travel. It serves as an interchange station connecting the earth to the moon through a central rotating tower, forming a space elevator mid-landing. Designed to considerable time scale to serve several types of interplanetary vessels. It is an off-earth stepping stone to test human beings' life in multiple gravity levels.

Descriptive of Author : SIPHUNCLE Orbital Spaceport will introduce new design methodologies for the human eminent space expansions, transforming fiction into reality.