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Title : Méduse Errante
Author : Pablo Allen
Nationality : Spanish
Year : 2022
Location : Sea
Biography : Team members : Elisabeh Garcia
Type : Sea Laureat
Scale : XL : Urban
Size :
Capacity :

How does the Medusa building work? Plankton can be collected using nets, both horizontally and vertically. To collect it horizontally and the surface, the net is thrown into the water, while the boat is slowly moving forward. In this proposal, the Medusa building remains fixed while the nets move vertically by means of a rotor until they react completely, leaving the plankton in the lower ring. The Medusa can in turn move through the ocean. It is a normadic building on the sea. The idea is that, like in space, the building could be self-sufficient in energy from the sun to power the laboratories and, like the jellyfish, take water from the ocean and propel it to move across the surface.

Descriptive of Author : We are currently witnessing a new era in nutrition, as our sources of resources are becoming scarce. We are looking for new sources. Studies are constantly coming out showing that certain foods are very beneficial for the proper functioning of the body. One of these foods that has appeared on the scene with more force in recent times is phytoplankton, which comes from the sea and has been called the “mother milk of mother earth” due to its multiple properties and the nutrients it provides us with. This discovery provides a new source of food resources, even though it is not yet available.