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Title : Comm-Unity
Author : Jaime Castellote del Olmo
Nationality : Spanish
Year : 2013
Location : Ocean
Biography : An architect that is currently working on Family housing design
Type : City, Cultural, Design, Environment, Floating, Green, House, Movable
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Variable
Capacity : Variable

The oceans are huge bodies of water which contain an infinite biodiversity, with a changing ecosystem that it is extremely sensitive to human acts. That's the reason why the city must have the minimum ambient impact by its form or structure and promote the use of renewable energies as much as it's possible. Designing a city on the water is maybe one of the biggest engineering and architecture challenges mankind can face, since it represents a huge amount of different issues to figure out. Thus it is necessary to set some guidelines to consider all aspects carried out in a project like this. This project will work on three different subjects : - Engineering - It's going to help meet physical principles like Archimedes's principle and the unity structure. - Social/Architecture - The connection between the units, housing projection, natural outdoor environment, and how they bring us to enjoy the city experience completely. - Sustainability - Power source, energy and environment. How the energetic supply must have a renewable source.

Descriptive of Author : A true guaranty for our tomorrow’s environmental and social living