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Title : Underwater laboratory for aging wine
Author : Carolina Narciso Linares
Nationality : Spanish
Year : 2013
Location : Bay of Biscay, Arcachon Basin
Biography : A young architect currentely working for Seine Design
Type : Energy, Environment, Floating, Food, Public, Restaurant
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

Program is divided into two parts: - research of aging wine under the sea - the set up of a restaurant to taste the wine The design idea is to combine the aesthetic botanical, biological functions, digital programming and generative development. It is necessary to begin by analyzing the shapes and natural organisms in order to identify the characteristics that have made best after millions of years of evolution, then incorporate them into the project design. This is not a simple mimesis, but learning evolution. Urchin was chosen. The project submits to the geography of the place. It is always in the background, trying not to disturb the environment or its inhabitants (flora and fauna). It has a minimum and self-sufficient program. Part Search is completely autonomous and can follow the evolution of the wines on the premises. The public part consists of a restaurant, where it is possible to consume beverages and foods grown on the premises, that is to say, the wines aging under the sea and came to shellfish clinging to the hull . The hull has been designed according to the characteristics of the sea urchin. On the one hand, the radial structure allows to absorb and withstand the forces. On the other hand, it interacts with its environment and allows urchin feeding. This creates a biomembrane. The biomembrane is a second layer with full of cavities that facilitate colonization by flora and fauna. It is not simply an object of decoration. It is the transition layer between the building and the environment in which it is located; and accordingly, it should serve to both parties.

Descriptive of Author : The ocean taste