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Title : Plug-in skyscraper
Author : Kamel Lokman Abd Elatief
Nationality : Egyptian
Year : 2013
Location :
Biography :
Type : Nominee
Scale : M : Groups of buildings
Size :
Capacity :

A conceptual idea for the project is how to create a simple design of a new communities on space. And this is the approach to create a new principles for design a cluster by using all available resources (natural, social, economic, political, education, Health care, and cultural) to link strongly the cluster with its Residents, by possible ecology, and to keep the movement of people to the space as a suitable option one day. We identify “contrived Stars Generation 1 cluster”, where the priority is to achieve excellence in the design of community on spaces investing the necessary resources. By reusing existing elements creatively, understanding the various clusters future expansion patterns and creating mechanisms for residance participation; this project aims to go beyond what the task given and to think also about using the power of people and sustainable resources. It is not enough to have only beautiful zones. Public spaces must transcend the beautiful, must be rooted in local culture and identity necessary becoming more and various active spaces. The space is the real meaning of nature which occur easily, also we consider a places to play, live, and interact in public which are relevant future and local identity.

Descriptive of Author : is a kinetic mobile building. It can be mechanically transferred and re-assembled in another from Earth to space.