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Title : E²H Space Resort
Author : Kjell Herrmann
Nationality : German
Year : 2012
Location :
Biography :
Type : Nominee
Scale : S : Building
Size :
Capacity :

The concept of the E²H – Space Resort is based on the idea to divide t sections and features of the previously self-imposed requirements for the hotel in three main areas which are brought together in a central social point. These are the living room (passengers), activities and supply / administration. The Space Resort is built in a double hull, which formed ball-shaped around a central lobby, and the greenhouse. The shell is made of multilayer material of the TransHab technology is based on NASA. It is foldable and can thus be folded for transport to a third of their final size. The views are made possible by a novel PE-foil connection is welded to outer skin. In a double hull, the respective activities / sections are housed. This extra space allows for future growth capacity of the hotel without having to rebuild the hotel.

Descriptive of Author : Concept d’hôtel spatial.