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Title : New-York delire 2409
Author : Pierre-Arthur Thibaudeau
Nationality : French
Year : 2013
Location : New York
Biography : Team members: Bastien Casasoprana
Type : City, Cultural, Design, Environment, Green, House, Public, Skyscraper
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

this project reinterprets the architecture of the bacterium structural and architectural way. the idea is to live with the water and not to fight it. However, tools reducing the strength of the waves have been studied and designed to ensure the stability and sustainability of floating structures that propagate in the streets and flooded areas. In 2409, Manhattan count almost 30 million inhabitants. Implying more housing, densification networks, interactivity between the old and the new ... Thus, the structure proliferating on the streets would be primarily useful for the proper functioning of the buildings not submerged. The floating structure would, at first, a simple circulation space incorporating the traffic map of Manhattan and then in a second step it would be a habitable structure. Averse to receiving light (submerged part) space will house everything pathway sporting and cultural infrastructure circulation etc. ... When space in the city is totally submerged structure expands and established in the free open space. The emergence of round progresses heart of these spaces, year after year, as a sapling tree. This gives an appearance in Manhattan a neighborhood in constant evolution and dynamism like what could be New York is 100 years.

Descriptive of Author : ensure the sustainability of new york thanks to bacteria