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Title : Modular unit for coastal protection
Author : Nicolas Mohoric
Nationality : French
Year : 2013
Location : Deltas, estuaries, rivers
Biography : A young independant architect
Type : Environment, Floating, Green, Sustainabilty
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

The project involves the creation of an independent living unit designed to protect banks (deltas, estuaries, rivers) and coastal areas with an altitude very close to the water level. This protection is carried out by the successive planting of vegetation on land and in water. The unit Modular life is directly located in the places chosen as starting points for the protection process. This device is then extended to the regional level by the diffusion units of life, that will enlarge and multiply step by step, in order to join to form a continuous protection. With a minimum of means it is possible to develop a relatively dense and effective network-wide growth of the oceans in a short-term (20-30 years) in a given region. The simultaneous implementation of this process in many jurisdictions could significantly halt the progression of the oceans, particularly in South East Asia, but also have a positive impact not negligible global warming (including greenhouse gas emissions) and improve the life of a portion of the population.

Descriptive of Author : A progressive protection