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Title : Plastic incontinence
Author : Boris Lefevre
Nationality : French
Year : 2012
Location : Ocean
Biography : Team members: Charly Duchosal
Type : Coup de Coeur, City, Design, Environment, Floating, Green, Movable, Reconversion, Recycling
Scale : S : Building
Size : Variable
Capacity : Variable

Life on water may seem a utopian dream. But in the current context, it could be likened to an emergency exit. This new territory could be the host of a strong growth kind of people: the excluded and disappointed in our society. Some pioneers have already tried it, the Hailong Bay, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon have long been the laboratory of another way of life. A rough lifestyle, but freer, including "Mobility", "flexibility", "Self-organization". Each sphere can be constructed independently, and then come together (or not) to other. It is therefore our needs that generate the form while in our societies, forms lead to new needs. The city model obtained is not fixed, but flexible. Everyone can sit wherever he wants, move as it wishes, and nothing is final. It is a system, not an object, it can also be corrupted / hijacked by its users but also mate with other types of systems, cities, society.

Descriptive of Author : A floating city