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Title : D.N.A.
Author :
Nationality :
Year : 2015
Location : Space
Biography :
Type : Coup de Coeur, Futuristic, Nominee , Space, Utopia
Scale : M : Groups of buildings
Size :
Capacity :

The D.N.A. project responds to sustainability issues by offering to host a part of the population in an architectural habitat located in space. This construction is connected to the Earth in order to set up a colony that will become self-sufficient and colonize another planet light years away from the Earth. Using the metaphor of D.N.A., the project draws a symbolic vision of the conquest of space by humans. This specific shape provides artificial gravity by rotating living units around an axis. These units are organized in a succession of spaces. As a city, «D.N.A.» is composed of a multiplicity of places fit together to develop self-sustaining ecosystem, livability and comfort as close as life on Earth.

Descriptive of Author : Beyond the Earth