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Argonaut Stay out of Boundaries


Argonaut Stay out of Boundaries

  • Year2016
  • LocationMoon

Living on moon has been a dream for many people since long time, And make the dream real will require from us some big efforts.

In my prototype “Argonaut” I have designed spaceship based on scientific facts and engineering assistance that will land on the moon and build the perfect home for human who will come later to live in his new home.

The process of building the living home for human on the moon should be logical and filling all the mechanical and physical requirements, which takes us to calculate and prepare for long time to give our best for this opportunity.

Starting from sending the spaceship into the space, and landing on the moon, then building the home ending up with preparing the suitable home which will wait humans to come and start their own life.

Building many homes near each other will allow the support among the shelters, living in space will not start as easy as living on earth but starting from the way that will guarantee the basic needs for life, and next step will be searching for more life requirements until the dream will complete and living on moon will not be dream any more.

Using technology is basic principle for this trip including building the shelter with vehicle that prepared with moon sand collector and storage and device will convert the sand into material able to be printed using the printing head will open new concept of building without the help of humans and using the offered material on the moon surface to avoid sending heavy and replaceable materials and devices to the moon and making building the home is possible and requiring the minimum from us to start our journey