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Climate & rising waters

1 metre plus tard Architecture as support for the landscape

Climate & rising waters

1 metre plus tard Architecture as support for the landscape

FloatingGreenMovableMoving Building
  • Year2016
  • LocationTranche-sur-Mer

This project place it's reflection in the crisis context of coastlines and naturals environments threaten by the rising sea level and the global warming. The project find is theoretical integration and its proposals - as formal as structural - in the analysis of the fauna and the flora of the site, and of the flow of naturals elements and human. It aims to a restraint intervention, permissive regarding to the nature, to be efficiently protective and restorative.

Settling in this situation of crisis and risks means admitting the vulnerability of these living environments which are today in danger. it's also letting go, accepting our weaknesses et recognizing that our curent protection plans are obsolete, or even has never been efficient.

This premise undertakes to rethink the relationship between humans and nature, in admitting the superiority of the last one.

This project result from an approche of multiplicity, adaptability and, above all, of evolution. It becomes mutable according to different movements and temporality. By evolving, it fits more and more into the landscape. Accepting the fluctuations of the last one, the project joins concept and technology. This drafting position appears as essentiel to boost the process linked to the environmental development or to the sustainable development.

This project comes to protect the city, in developing itself on its horizon - the sea -, in order to rethink its protection. The project takes the form of multiple islands, liked to each other by a grill, a stand for wildling. The whole creates a new protection system to invest - by humans and nature - that comes attenuate the swell and enables the sand to drop off on the beaches thanks to the current, and to the dunes to rebuilt themselves naturally.

Then, this protection system includes nature, by creating links between the different players of this landscape, to allow the installation of a deep and sustainable structure.