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Climate & rising waters

A Tale of Rurality

Climate & rising waters

A Tale of Rurality

  • Year2023
  • LocationYalova, Turke
The story of a land apocalypse caused by rising sea levels, from the twoness concept to the eternal future of the rural world

The project explores the evolving concept of rurality in the context of urbanization and the pressing climate crisis, with a focus on Yalova, Turkey. Traditional rural ideals are being redefined due to urban influence. Innovative architecture proposes floating city platforms adaptable to sea level changes, accommodating agriculture, housing, and renewable energy. Rainwater and wastewater management reduce pollution, while wind and ocean wave energy enhance sustainability. An inventive approach involves transforming seawater into construction materials, creating new architectural possibilities.

Muhammad Rifqi Fadhilah

Muhammad Rifqi

I'm Rifqi, an architecture student from Sakarya University, Turkey. For me, architecture is more than a creation; it's a language that storytelling and bridging ideas with reality. Hailing from a small Indonesian village, studying abroad has enriched my perspective and fostered adaptability. Architecture and this journey widened my horizons to appreciate cultural differences. My passion lies in unbuilt architecture, design visualization, and crafting 3D models.