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Abu Bay Ideal habitat of Man


Abu Bay Ideal habitat of Man

  • Year2017

Abu Bay is a project of artificial islands that, trough the use of the most advanced sustainable technologies, makes them SELF-SUFFICIENT IN TERMS OF ENERGY AND ESPECIALLY WATER. THESE ISLANDS ARE IDEAL HABITAT OF MAN, that is finally a place where nature and technology come together in functional and aesthetic solutions ever made. The sea, the sun, wind and technologies for the production of renewable energy, new techniques for the production of drinking water, the different farming techniques, the construction of green buildings become architecture that finds a new balance between the needs of man and the resources that nature provides.

Tidal, Wind and Solar Energy

In the area of Abu Dhabi there is a tidal range which can reach 2 meters height. Supposing an average tidal range of 1.6m. and a basin of 24.000 square m. it is possible to produce 20.000 KWH per year.

The area nearby Abu Dhabi has an average wind speed value about 4.7 m/s at 50 m. height. For these conditions we use a turbine designed for low speed win site that produce about 135.000 KWH in one year.

Solar panels occupy an area of about 18.000 square m. and produce 400.000 Kwh per year.
Total yearly Energy demand: 540.000 kwh
Total yearly Renewable Energy: 555.000 kwh

Water Purification

In the project we tried to estimate : the water needs-the water producing capabilities. We had to consider using two ways of purification the water: Solwa Modules and Reverse Osmosis Palnts, which work simultaneously. Solwa is innovative system to treat sea water witch solar energy. Solwa is been included within the IDEASS UN Program as “Innovation for human development”.The water balance is follows:

Domestic water needs, water needs of Plants, water of Fountains: 570,72 m3/day

Solwa's, revrse Osmosis and Depuration's contribution: 585,51 m3/day