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Aero-Nautical PORTable Bridging the globe


Aero-Nautical PORTable Bridging the globe

  • Year2017

Aero-Nautical PORTable is a new and a unique kind of projects. It is targeting the linkage between the space and the sea, in one connected world. As well as adopting to the new developed technologies in the aviation field. In the near future, it is supposed according to experiments that human beings will travel via rockets between earth's different locations in the world. This concept will affect the all earth's shape, and will be a new paradigm shift and a new technological revolution. The project is trying to adapt to this concept, and shape the life afterwards. It is divided into 4 main zones/islands, a mother island and three dependent islands. Moreover, it is much concerning this technology and tried to address it from different perspectives. The mother island is the backbone and the main hub. It is mainly for communication center, and accommodation units. The first portable island is related to science. It is a scientific research institute to develop the space concepts in the future. The second dependent portable island is more related to different users. it's more related to tech-leisure activities. This to raise the awareness of the community and introduce the new technologies in a decent smooth way. The last island is the mostly tech-complicated, it's for the rocket landing platform, and its command center. The all islands are connected also by the flying elevated communal plaza, which also detached while separating.

The project is introducing a new way of amphibious dynamic architecture. The all island can be attached and separated from the mother island to perform different functions. The motion of the islands is a must especially in the rocket landing island for safety issues. These dynamic patterns are done in a sustainable way. The motion is generated from the hydro-power sail of the mother tower. In addition to that the project is adopting several sustainable techniques, one of the most sustainable models is the current water generators, from which generates the all electricity needed for the all project through the year.


Team members: Mahmoud Abdelmonem, Hamdy Hefnawy